A bit about the artist…

I trained at what is now Leeds Met. Uni. graduating with an Hons. Degree in 3D Design. After a long career in Interior Design and contract furnishing I now find myself with more time to work on projects of personal interest, producing drawings of my own instead of working from those of others.

I am fascinated by the repeat shapes and patterns formed by structures such as the roof girders of St. Pancras Station, bridges, piers and fire escape ladders of New York Tenement blocks, and the buildings and bridges of Santiago Calatrava, which lead to strong visual images in black and white. Op-Art has also been a major influence, particularly the early black and white works of Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely and Jeffery Steele.

Initially I experimented with pastels but changed to charcoal and the challenge of trying to make it do something it didn’t want to do – making precise, clean, crisp drawings using the white of the paper and not chalk. Where possible I visit a site to take a picture, otherwise I work from photographs.

I focus on an area of interest, take a section which I enlarge, sometimes several times over to form the basis of a drawing, and often the source of the original is lost in the finished work. Since moving studios to one with a lovely beige ‘Wilton’ carpet which proved rather charcoal unfriendly I have started to experiment with acrylic using anything but a brush, and following a workshop my work has become more abstract, freer and less precise.

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Limited edition prints available, framed or unframed. Some available as postcards and greetings cards.

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