I trained at what is now Leeds Met. graduating with an Hons degree in 3DD. Most of my career has been in interior design and furnishing .

I still live in the West Yorkshire area and work on projects of specific interest to me; loosely abstracted architectural subjects and the power and movement of water.

Most of my work now is charcoal, pastel and conte, using architectural subjects as the basis.  Generally I photograph a section of a building, focus on an area of interest, and enlarge that to use as the basis for a drawing - the identity of the original often being lost in the finished work.

I am fascinated by the repeat shapes and patterns of structures such as the roof girders of St.Pancras Station, fire escape ladders of New York tenement blocks, piers, etc. and the buildings and bridges of Santiago Calatrava, which lead to strong visual images in black and white.

I would welcome commissions, particularly from architects, designers and property managers requiring art for a specific building project, for instance a public area, concourse or boardroom. 


Nov/Dec 2011 - Jan 2012.                       Small Works 1 & 2.  Water Street Gallery, Todmorden.     -         www.waterstreetgallery.co.uk 

Nov/Dec 2011.                                           Wakefield Artwalk

Dec. 2011.                                                   Huddersfield Artmarket

Jan. 2012.                                                   6 Local Artists Exhibition, Leeds Gallery, Leeds                     -         http://www.leedsgallery.com

Feb. 2012.                                                   Aberford Interiors Gallery                                                        -         http://www.aberfordinteriorsgallery.co.uk

April 2012                                                    Yorkshire Art Show

June 2012                                                   Round House Media Centre for Love Architecture 2012         -         www.lovearchitecture.org                                                 

July 2012                                                     Holmfirth Art Week                                                                   -         www.holmfirthartweek.org.uk

Aug/Sept/oct 2012                                     Journeys and Migrations, Hand Made In Bradford                    -         http://www.fabricculture.co.uk

October 2012                                             Ilkley Art Trail:  Christchurch, The Grove, Ilkley                        -         http://www.ilkleyarttrail.org.uk           

October 2012                                             Boston Spa Art and Crafts Festival                                          -         http://www.bostonspaartsfestival.co.uk

April 2013                                                   Yorkshire Art Show

May  2013                                                   Time to Change Leeds                                                            -          Hedley Verity, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds

May 2013                                                    Saltaire Art Trail                                                                       -          http://www.saltaireartstrail.co.uk/

August 2013                                              Art in the Pen                                                                            -          http://www.artinthepen.org.uk 

October 2013                                            Ilkley Art Trail                                                                             -          http://www.ilkleyarttrail.org.uk

October 2013                                            Boston Spa Art and Crafts Festival                                          -          http://www.bostonspaartsfestival.co.uk

November 2013                                       Unity Creative Open Studio                                                       -           FB.  Makers at Unity BC

Jan/Feb 2014                                            Heart, Headingley                                                                      -          www.heartcentre.org.uk

Jan/Feb 2014                                            Affordable Arts Exhibition, Vibe Gallery, London                       -          www.vibe-gallery.com

April 2014                                                  Same but Different, Temple Newsam, Leeds                           -          www.sbdart.co.uk

May 2014                                                   Millbeck @ Seven                                                                      -         www.sevenleeds.co.uk 

Aug 2014                                                   Art in the Pen, Skipton                                                               -         www.artinthepen.org.uk

Aug/Sept 2014                                          Great North Art Show, Ripon Cathedral                                     -         www.greatnorthartshow.co.uk 

Oct 2014                                                   Walton Group of Artists                                                              -         www.waltongroupofartists.co.uk

Aug 2015                                                   Art in the Pen                                                                             -         www.artinthepen.org.uk

Aug/Sept 2015                                          GNAS Ripon Cathedral                                                              -         www.greatnorthartshow.co.uk

Sept 2015                                                  Ilkley Art Trail                                                                              -         www.ilkleyarttrail.org.uk

Sept 2015                                                  Boston Spa Art and Craft Festival                                             -         www.bostonspaartsfestival.co.uk

Oct 2015                                                   Walton Group of Artists Show                                                    -         www.waltongroupofartists.co.uk 

May 2016                                                   Wetherby Open studios                                                            -          www.artistsaroundwetherby.co.uk       

July 2016                                                   Art in the Pen - Thirsk                                                                -          www.artinthepen.org.uk

Aug. 2016                                                  Artin the Pen - Skipton                                                               -          www.artinthepen.org.uk

Aug/Sept 2016                                          GNAS Ripon Cathedral                                                              -          www.freatnorthartshow.co.uk

Sept 2016                                                 Ilkley Art Trail                                                                               -          www.ilkleyarttrail.org.uk

Nov 2016                                                  Walton Group of Artists Show                                                    -          www.waltongroupofartists.co.uk